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15 Days

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  1. 1 Photofast said:

    A very good service provider... with a reasonable price. with just rm30, you can hv access to multiple file sharing sites, for 30 days. As a comparison, you hv to pay around rm20 to rm 25 to get a one-month Rapidhshare acccount ONLY, or up to rm 40 for a one-month Hotfile account ONLY. What a bargain!!! A heaven for heavy downloaders like me!

    The customer servise is also very good. Your request to buy an account will be attended in no time. They will also answer all of your questions within 24 hours of querying

    happy downloading!

  2. 2 cacamerbahaya said:

    baru tahu by last week benda ni..
    jumpa kat forum yohif..
    so far xda plak prob..
    service ourdownload mmg terbaeekkkk!
    rugi kalau korang x try!

  3. 3 johnrozz said:

    aku sgt berpuas hati dgn servis korang...kat opis aku depa block semua file hosting neh...tapi bila guna ourdownloader,semua sampai koma...rugi wei sapa tak guna service neh

  4. 4 dineshmike said:

    I tested the service with 10 days account. Everything working nicely. I can download from any filehosting website without any problems. Now I am planning on buying the 6 months account.

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