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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • What is DownloadPremium ?
  • DownloadPremium is previously known as DownloadPremium is exclusively for those who love Movies, Games, Musics and other files. These files are usually placed on the filehosting company such as, Hotfile, Rapidshare and many other which were supported by our service

  • Why DownloadPremium ?
  • We are one of the most stable downloader since year of 2009. Downloading your favorite files has never been easier, we are providing an immediate download, fast and secure for every files from supported filehost you found on the Internet with a lightning speed of Premium.

  • Why do I need to register with DownloadPremium?
  • Registration provides additional benefits. You can purchase premium subscription after registration.

  • Is DownloadPremium service free?
  • As free user you can enjoy part of our service during happy hours

  • Can I delete my generated link history?
  • You can can delete generated link history from your account "My generated link" section.

  • I can't log into my account, what should i do?
  • If you can't enter into your account, use the password reminder function. If you don't receive a confirmation e-mail, please contact our support.


  • What are the limits for downloading files using DownloadPremium?
  • If you are free user, you can use part of our service during happy hours only. As Premium-user you can download UNLIMITED* files! *= Except on some hosters

  • Why is my download speed low?
  • Download speed may be limited by your ISP and depends on filehoster condition. after checking that the slow speed is from us, you may try using a download manager like FDM to check if a multithreaded download helps. Please check your ISP current speed here Check ISP speed towards France servers. Please check the download speed of other hosts too : if the speed is good, the server from the particular host you try to download is overloaded and we cannot do anything about it.

  • Can I resume my downloads after an interruptions?
  • Yes, you have the same advantages as a premium user to download, so you can resume downloads and you also have the possibility to download multiple files at once without waiting time and at high speed.

  • How long the generated link last?
  • The generated link configured to be last for up to 4 days by our system. Generated link lifetime also depends on filehost itself. Some filehost may give longer lifetime and some other don't.

  • Is your service legal?
  • Our service is legal, we do not store files that you download and we do not display links to illegal files.


  • What are the benefits of Premium-account?
  • With premium account you get: - Unlimited storage
    - High download speed
    - Download manager support
    - No capchas
    - No Ads
    - Resume aborted downloads
    - Unlimited bandwidth
    - Generate unlimited link
    - Many more..

  • How much Premium-account cost?
  • You can check the cost and duration of Premium accounts on on our subscription page.

  • What payment methods do you accept?
  • We accept multiple payments methods. Full list is available on our subscription page

  • I'm afraid to buy Premium account, are you sure it's safe?
  • Absolutely. All your data is transfered through encrypted channel. We do not collect any financial data of our users and do not store it.

  • I purchased a Premium-account, but your system does not recognize me. What is wrong?
  • Please make sure that you allow the use of cookies in your browser. Also make sure that you have not installed any software that blocks the receiving and sending cookies.

  • Can i share premium-account with others?
  • Sorry No, account sharing is strictly prohibited. Such activity will lead to account suspension and no refund will be given.

If we didn't asnwer your question here at FAQs, you may send your question to us here

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